Monday, March 20, 2006

Best day ever!

I had to work late today (shocker) but three great/interesting things happened in spite of Monday's best attempts. First, I met with a new patient, I'll call her Martha and her husband Smitty. It ended up being a long visit with Martha, Smitty, and 2 of their sons. We talked through a variety of issues and through the course of the visit, the family traded sarcastic comments and teased each other mercilessly. Always signs of love in my book! Since I seemed to understand their brand of humor, one son quipped that I must also be German Catholic. German, yes. Catholic, not since I was 2. Still, I was touched to think that sarcasm and teasing was unique to German Catholics (although I have a sneaking suspicion it exists in every good family.) After a little small talk, we then realized that Martha and Smitty are friends with my grandparents! In fact, Martha went to highschool with my grandma and Smitty went to Marmion Academy with my grandpa. It is a small world after all.
Second, I called my mom at work to tell her of this strange coincidence (without giving away Martha and Smitty's names, after all I cannot break confidentiality). We both laughed and then she told me she had news for me. She and my dad attended my cousin Pat's engagement party Saturday night in WI; I was on call and couldn't go. Drum roll please: Pat became a believer a month ago! I am so happy! I have been praying for Pat and the rest of my cousins for quite some time and was starting to believe this was the impossible dream. Only to learn once again that God is not limited to our time table and He is able to change any heart and draw them closer to Him. There I am driving down Butterfield on my way to another patient, crying and praising God. Incredible!
Third, I went on my first "date" in a year tonight! OK, by date I might mean that Charles took me and Julie out to Macaroni Grill and the fun and fellowship was increased by Dena Marie and Oliver's company, but hey, this girl is taking what she can get! We had a blast eating and talking the night away. Thanks to MG's crayons I was able to Rate My Date right in front of Charles and will gladly share the results.
Here's what Charles did for me and Jules:
1. Opened the car door
2. Dropped us off in front of the restaurant
3. Offered us first dibs on the bread
4. Paid extravagant yet truthful compliments
5. Let me order first
6. Laughed at our jokes
7. Acknowledged he was on a date to the waitress and bragged about it
8. Ordered delicious tiramisu
9. Paid for dinner! (Oliver helped- just giving credit where credit is due)
So ladies, get in line for Charles. Jules and I both gave him an A !

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