Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Last night I was flipping through the sales catalog of my former employer, a Christian bookstore. I like to stay on top of what's happening in Christianland. And then I discovered another reason why I'm so glad I no longer work in Christian retail...Bear with me, you need the back story before I can fill you in on the reason for my disbelieving laughter.
It's a little known fact that the Left Behind series was originally intended to only be 5 or 6 books. After the success of the first 3, Tyndale decided to extend the series to 12 books total. You can tell the difference with Soul Harvest (# 4), very lengthy and yet leaving the reader with the feeling that nothing had really happened. Wait, didn't I just read a 300 page book? Still, I stuck in for a couple more, hoping that the series would get back to its original style. Yet, after book 6, Assassins I finally had to throw in the towel. The authors, Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, sold out what could have been decent fiction for money, leaving us with useless fluff. I moved on to better and brighter books, yet customers continued to buy into the Left Behind series, somewhat like lambs being led to the slaughter. I mean, did they not realize the drivel for what it was? (No offense, if you are a fan of the series!) Each remaining book was released. I was looking forward to the final 12th book, thinking the madness would finally be over. Only to learn that Tyndale was going to release some prequels and postquels, 3 each. Never heard of a postquel? Me either. It's like a sequel, but maybe cooler.
Anyway, in that time, I've left the bookstore and become gainfully employed in my field. I've left Left Behind alone and thankfully, it has left me alone too. Until last night.
Tyndale has steadily released the first 2 books in the prequel series (Before They Were Left Behind). And now, this June we can be prepared for the final prequel: The Rapture. Not only is it coming out in June- here's the best part. It will be released 6/6/6! Hurray for the genius marketing team at Tyndale! The date couldn't be any more perfect. And if LaHaye and Jenkins are really lucky, maybe we will all be raptured and no one will have to suffer through reading that book! Otherwise we'll have to gear up for the postquels and I can only imagine where they'll go with that.

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