Monday, April 03, 2006

Heh heh, all my worlds are coming together!

From the April Fool's Edition of Sojourners:

By now, you know that God is not a Republican...or a DemocratTM. You also know that over time the stress caused by poor political posture leave you in muscle pain and discomfort.
So why not join Jim Wallis in his latest DVD series"God is not a Republican...or a DemocratTM PILATES"?!
Go deeper than simply nodding your head. Embody the message!!!
Perform quad-tightening plunges that stretch both left and right - and finish down the center*.
Benefit from the "Higher Ground" stimulation exercise adapted from the traditional leg lift!
And that's not ALL! Jim will take you on a course teaching the basic principles of posture, balance and control.
You'll learn how to "work your moral center*" in all your movements.
What are you waiting for??? BUY NOW and feel that liberating burn!
*not to be confused with mushy middle

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