Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Hospice Philosophy

This afternoon we had a staff meeting which included an in-service on some basic guiding principles behind hospice. Just thought I'd share my notes- hopefully you'll get a little more insight behind my work.

6 Principles Necessary in Hospice:
1. Examine my own attitudes about death and dying.
2. Understand the dying process, physically, psychologically, and spiritually
--there is a difference between giving up ("this is a failure") and letting go ("this is timely")
3. Know the difference between curing and healing
--curing: treatment of disease that it might be reversed
--healing: the spiritual process that is the treatment of the person
4. Trust the person's process (basic respect)
5. Don't try to fix the situation or rescue people from their (emotional or spiritual) pain
--I'm not here to fix it, I'm here to be present.
--Don't rob people of their chance to grow
6. Be prepared to meet the other by making room within myself for the other person
--Simply put, don't let my personal life interfere with my professional life.

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