Sunday, April 23, 2006

Penny for my thoughts

My friend Todd refers to his girlfriend as his Ladyfriend. Does that mean that I can refer to my future boyfriend as my Gentleman Caller?

Jill and I got the pretty girl discount on the train yesterday. We're feeling pretty good about ourselves:)

In my dream the other night...I had to go to Best Buy to purchase a present for a family member. While shopping I was really tempted to buy a few CDs for myself but decided to stick to my budget and held off. I bought a movie for the family member and when I was leaving, a Best Buy manager gave me a $125 gift card to the store as some sort of Customer Appreciation thing they were doing. I was all like, God is rewarding me for sticking to my budget! Then later I had to go back to Best Buy and the manager gave me another $125 gift card. I was in CD-buying heaven! Also, Best Buy appeared to have a large selection of board games. I figured I should stock up on those for the new apartment.

P.S. to the Gat: Thank you for my prize! Isobel Campbell is like the gift that keeps on giving.

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the Gat said...

She's the cutest. And, you're welcome.