Monday, April 03, 2006

White Sox Home Opener

Last night I continued the home opener tradition with Brooke, her family, and the ever widening group of friends. It was an exciting game, it was a wet game. But even the 3 hour rain delay couldn't dampen the spirits of the crowd. In fact, Paul and I came up with a theory- the crowd was so electric during the opening ceremonies and first 3 innings, that we unfortunately lured the lightening. Hopefully that won't happen every game! It's definitely going to be another great season!

Grinder Ball Rule #69: There's always this year. (Well, and last year.)
Grinder Ball Rule #71: If at first you succeed, repeat.

Favorite moments: Getting misty eyed during the 2005 season video recap, the unveiling of the new banners (beautiful!), fly over by bomber planes, getting to see our boys- Paulie, AJ, Scott, Gooch, Crede, and Buehrle- back in action, experiencing the power behind Jim Thome (still missing Aaron Rowand though), and being with a crowd full of people who love the White Sox just as much as I do. Best of all, they won!

Here's Nate, Brooke, Laura, and Paul just before we entered the magical place known as US Cellular Field.

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