Sunday, April 09, 2006

Work Perks

I was talking to some friends after church about various perks they get through work, from free dinners at fancy restaurants to highly sought tickets to concerts and sporting events. For instance, my friend Ben got to see Coldplay. And he had never even heard of them! When I pointed out that I don't get any such perks at my job, a few pals said that at least I had the option of getting written into a rich patient's will. As unlikely as this is, I had to point out the ethical and moral objections. Not only would my job not allow it, I could lose my license thanks to the ethical boundaries set up through NASW (National Association of Social Workers). It's always sad to rain on someone's parade but I just couldn't allow their fantasy to continue. I may not get the perks that they do but that isn't what makes my job worthwhile. Hearing from patients and families that I have helped them through such a difficult time is enough for me. And when that doesn't cut it, well, there's always the candy, cookies, and homemade fudge...I may have a stressful job at times but I will always be well fed!

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