Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ready to Go Fishing

From page 1 of A Girl's Best Friend by Kristen Billerbeck, one of my fave Christian chick lit authors:
There are plenty of fish in the sea. But really, there's not. It's not just our imaginations. It would be great if decent men were as plentiful as jumping salmon in a rushing river, but they aren't. For every Mr. Darcy (and he's married, incidentally) there are a hundred Mr. Wickhams. Or in more contemporary terms, for every one of Colin Firth, there are several thousand Hugh Grants. The odds are against us. But what can I say- I'm a romantic, and I can't abandon the fantasy of Prince Charming altogether. What girl with a heart can? I mean, I'm not asking to feed the five thousand; I just want one good fish!

Once again, Kristin Billerbeck writes what I'm thinking. The odds may be against me, but I'm trying to be patient and trust that God has a better plan in store for me. If only it wasn't so hard to be patient and trust God's timing! Still, He's always come through in the past. If God wants to drop off Mr. Right a little later than life, then here's to all the adventures I'll have along the way!

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