Monday, May 22, 2006

Road observations

Does anyone know if all law enforcement officers are able to give you a ticket for speeding? I only ask because I've seen a couple of other random cop cars lately. Naperville has a Community Service Officer (do they make sure there's no littering or jaywalking?) and last week while driving through Batavia I saw a U.S. Customs car. Not sure why they would need to be in Batavia unless the town is a hotbed for illegal immigrants. Drug Busts used to be the big thing but we must be moving to Immigrant Busts based on the current political situation.

Best Recently Sighted Vanity Plates
WVM 63 (OK, it's probably just his name but couldn't it also be code for a singles ad? Widowed Virile Male, age 63, seeks companion...)
EBAY PD 4 (a sporty red Camaro, how's that for advertising?)

Fun Bumper Stickers
Don't Mess With Texas
Honk If You Honky Tonk
White Sox World Series Champions 2005 (may or may not be featured on my car)

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