Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Squirrels love the White Sox too

The Gate 5 Gang reunited at the Sox game last night against the Athletics. Of course my guys pulled through and we won but it was a nail biter of a game. Frank Thomas got 2 home runs (wish we'd seen more of that last season when he was still one of us), Ozzie was ejected from the game, and a squirrel provided an interesting diversion during the 2nd inning. After my love affair with Scott Podsednik last season, I've decided my favorite player of 2006 is JD- he is solid, consistent, and, while he was World Series MVP, doesn't get enough love from the fans. I am proud to launch the I Love JD movement. After his home run last night though, I'm sure many more will be jumping on his bandwagon. I'll let you read the Gat's (nice picture) and Todd's write ups on the rest of the game because they're funny and they have more time to write than I do right now. Such is the case when you're getting ready to move in 3 days. I don't even have time to watch the finales of Alias or Lost! That's how you know it's serious. In any case, enjoy these pictures.

The Gate 5 Gang unveils the new t-shirts (sorry it turned out so shadowy)

Jill, Todd, Mark, and Brooke: Post game rejoicing


the Gat said...

haha. Todd looks so joyous in the pic. Also, which one of these things is not like the other, in the top pic? Hmmm.

HopefulLSW said...

Well, there are several options. First, my face is shadowed out. That's not like the rest of your cheerful faces. Second, there are 3 girls and 1 boy. Third, the girls are all short and the boy is tall. Fourth, oh yeah, there's the whole Asian vs. Caucasian thing. Take your pick:)

the dreamer said...

My eyes are closed (although it's so shadowy you can't tell unless you enlarge the pic). And I'm the only one with red hair. Clearly I'm the weird one.