Monday, June 19, 2006

I Love JD movement continues

Jermaine Terrell Dye knocked out his 20th home run last night when the Sox finished sweeping up the Reds! I am so proud of him! I don't want to jinx him but if he keeps it up he'll blow his career high out of the water. And check this out, compliments of Derfman:
A question from a New Yorker and fielded by Sports Illustrated columnist Tom Verducci:

"With Carlos Beltran being one of the hottest hitters in baseball right now, David Wright being David Wright and, of course, Carlos Delgado, do you think the Mets have the best middle of the lineup in baseball?" -- Steve Dubois, New York City
It's very close, but I might give the White Sox a slight edge right now because Jermaine Dye has just been crushing the ball behind Jim Thome and Paul Konerko.

Tom Verducci is clearly a truth teller. I like that.

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Melchizadek said...

Once a Royal, always a Royal!