Monday, June 26, 2006

Love and Baseball

Yesterday was a pretty emotional day for me what with marrying my best friend off the day before. It was bound to hit me sooner or later but I didn't expect that level of melancholy. As happy as I am for Erin, I still have to wonder when it will be my turn. In high school Annie, Tracy, Erin, and I used to talk about who would get married first. They always said it would be me (even as they went through boyfriends and I discovered the joys of being a third wheel). It's just down to me and Annie now and it seems as if I have no prospects. At least no prospects that will follow through on their intentions. So there I was: sad and frustrated. The sermon was about joy, which was timely. I spent some time reading through the Psalms and found some good applicable verses and just poured my heart out to God once again. Back to being patient and seeking contentment. I can accept the lapses as long as I remember to depend on God through it all.
Bringing this lesson to the forefront...last night I was at the Sox game against the Astros. I took my super fun friend Kibibi. It was her first Sox game and we had a blast, even though my beloved guys were losing for most of the game. I was more worried about Kibibi than anything else- it was her first game after all! Our mantra may be "Don't Stop Believing" but I confess my hope was getting smaller and smaller as the game progressed and the score became 9-2. Then Iguchi came out in the 7th and homered with 2 men on base. YES! There's nothing like a last minute rally, a definite White Sox specialty. But then the 7th inning ended and the 8th inning came and went. Into the 9th Pierzynski, Cintron, and Podsednik are on base and up steps Iguchi once again. I thought, wouldn't it be wonderful if he hit a grand slam and we tied the game? And then I thought, well, he just hit that other home run so it probably won't happen. Miracle of miracles, he got a grand slam! The crowd went crazy, no one more so than me and Kibibi. We could not stop screaming! Well, after that we got all the way to 13 innings and a really bad call which ended up with the Astros scoring a run. We would get a few guys on base but no one was able to pull it off, losing 10-9. Still, a phenomenal game!
So what is my point in telling you all this? There seem to be parallels between the game and my love life. I love when God sends me encouragement in the form of my baseball team! For most of my life I have struggled with the whole dating arena, feeling like a loser because I never had a boyfriend. My hope was small but flickering. God has definitely grown me through those low points and shown me that my identity is found in him, not whether I'm dating someone. I've also realized in the last few years that a boyfriend is not a magical cure all that will make everything happy and wonderful. Relationships are hard work! Flash forward: Iguchi's home run in the 7th? That's kind of like last year when a guy actually pursued me! OK, so we didn't date for longer than a week but it was encouraging at the same time. My own personal rally. Now I'm in the 9th inning, prospects look grim and sometimes it's hard to trust that there is a good guy out there for me. This is the very time though that I need to hope the most. I need to keep walking, keep trusting, and one of these days, I will meet that man and he will sweep me off my feet. There's the grand slam. He's not here yet, but he will be worth the wait. And then the crowd (aka my family and friends) will really go wild.


Melchizadek said...

You are a romantic. Maybe your blog name should be Pandora. :-)

derfman said...

I was at that game! It was freaking awesome! An ultimate heartbreaker, true, but what an exciting game. All those people left in 7th when it started raining harder and we were getting blown out. I went with my cousin and his girlfriend who are not Sox fans and asked them (out of politeness) if they wanted to leave, but thankfully they said they would stay until the end. Good thing we did!