Monday, July 10, 2006

The Long Haul

Guess who was at the longest game in US Cellular Field yesterday? That's right, me and Jill. We stuck it out for all 19 innings (6 hours and 19 minutes) to see our boys toss out the Red Sox 6-5. JD proved once again what a stellar player he is: he homered in the 9th inning tying the game and made all kinds of catches in the outfield, even acquainting himself with the fence at one point. It was crazy!
We tried the Park in Chinatown and Take the Red Line method which went pretty well aside from parking being a little difficult to find in Chinatown on a Sunday afternoon. Nonetheless, after the win we stopped to indulge in bubble tea and then made the trek back to the suburbs. It was a good, albeit long day.

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derfman said...

Arrrggh! What's with the Sox sucking? Losing two to Boston and New York? Ack! So frustrating! At least this Sox-themed comic strip is good: