Thursday, July 06, 2006

My special gift

I would like to take this moment to share with you a special gift I have, a talent if you will. Some people have gaydar. I, however, have Soxdar. What is this special gift, you ask? We live in a freakish world where loveable losers gain the biggest fan base. Those of us who support winning yet underappreciated teams form an immediate bond upon learning that we cheer for the same team. For instance, when Jill and I realized at Winter Retreat 2005 that we were both White Sox fans, I knew then that she would be a friend for life. And guess what? Now we're going to Ireland together. The Lord works in wonderful ways. But I digress. The fact is, even though the Sox are getting more respect because they are World Series Champs, they still have an underrepresented fanbase. It really defies logic. Here's where my gift comes into play. At any given time, I have the ability to spot Sox gear from yards away, whether it is a license plate frame or bumper sticker, a fan wearing a shirt or hat in a passing car, or a sign on a house. It does not matter how fast the car (mine or theirs) is going or where I'm at. If there is a Sox fan in my midst, I will spot them. It brings such satisfaction to my heart knowing that I have found someone else who has chosen the way of life, light, and goodness. It gives me hope that one day everyone will see the light and realize that the White Sox are the only team worth cheering for.

On a side note, Kelly, Jill, Paul, and I were at the game last night. While I have never had so much trouble finding parking before in my life, we had a great night, the Sox won 4-2 (of course!), JD performed very well, and Paul won my Favorite Person award for his spontaneous decision to join us for the game with only an hour's notice! Thanks to Jill's dad for the tickets- he is just really really ridiculously awesome!


derfman said...

Park in Chinatown for free, and take the El one stop over to the ballpark (great tip courtesy of the gat). I wish I went to the game on the Fourth with the nice weather and the blowout of the O's. Now its time to watch the games this weekend against the Red Sox... at least on tv.

HopefulLSW said...

I totally forgot about that tip! I'm going to the game Sunday so that's a very timely reminder. Thanks!

the dreamer said...

That good eye you have bodes well for your hitting potential once we hit the cages. And for your catching ability ... once we get you a glove.

And thanks for the shout-out, my dear Sox-friend. :)