Thursday, July 06, 2006

Punch AJ!

The White Sox have 12 reasons why AJ Pierzynski deserves to go the All Star game. Here are my favorites:

12) Because how can you not vote for a guy who kissed the World Series trophy, a dolphin and Oprah all in the same year?
11) Because of last Saturday's game-winning home run against the Cubs.
10) Because if the American League wants to win, it's smart to have a guy who hits .356 in the late innings and .571 with the bases loaded...and hasn't been on a losing team in five seasons.
9) Because you have to love a guy who names his daughter A.J.
6) Because let's face it: The Sox don't play the Cubs again this season, so if you don't "Punch A.J." now, he might have to wait until next summer.
5) Because he would be the only two-sport star in the game (pro wrestling and baseball).

What are you waiting for? Punch AJ now!

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