Monday, August 28, 2006

We won, eh!

Brooke and I had an amazing time at the game yesterday! Not only did we beat the Twins 6-1 , Buehrle pitched up until the 8th inning and Pierzynski, Crede, and Uribe hit homers. Fantastic! It seems like Mark just might be getting his groove back. We were all thrilled to see him to do so well- and gave him a standing ovation to tell him so. There was a shocking amount of Twins fans in the stands, some of whom brought brooms along. I couldn't help but cheer when a Sox fan stole one of the brooms and broke it in half. Take that! Brooke and I were a huge hit with the crowd in the bleachers, from our sign to our tank tops and yes, even our cheers. Our tank tops usually get a compliment or two but yesterday it seemed the whole world noticed and appreciated. It was nice. Everyone LOVED the Tadahito cheer. But how could they not? He's a star player without the star attitude. We were the Super Fans of the day and life was good. It's crazy to think of the season drawing to an end. I only have 2 more games to go, not including post-season. And yes, there will be a post-season for the White Sox!

Last night I headed over to Mark and Erin's for movie night. I hadn't been able to go to movie night before so I deemed myself the Guest of Honor (Erin agreed.) We watched Strange Brew which I hadn't seen in a few years. It's still funny but I think it might have been funnier if we'd been playing drinking games. Donna told me her friends used to take a drink anytime a character said "eh." That, my friends, is insane. We just made do with a beer apiece and lots of chocolate chip cookies. There's just nothing like Canadian drinking humor. What I'm taking away from the movie: trying to incorporate "eh" and "take off" into my everyday vocabulary.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Building up confidence

White Sox beat the Tigers last night, thank God!!! Now we just need to win today and beat the Twins this weekend and I have a feeling we'll all be in a much better place.

In the meantime, a few things to help keep the hope alive:
White Sox Game Intro Video Still gives me the chills!
Let's Go White Sox!
Game 1 2005 World Series
Crowd Reaction to winning World Series
Opening Night 2006 I was there!

Reminds me of my own 2005 season experience (although I yelled, screamed, and hugged a heck of a lot more):
A Group of Fans watches the Last Out

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Only in my dreams

The other night I dreamt that I was at church on Sunday when all of a sudden I realized that the Sox game started at 10:30 am instead of 1 pm like I had thought. I was really mad about it because a) Brooke and I have bleacher seats and b) I'm making a sign for us to hold up. I was trying to figure out if I could leave church early (without being singled out by Pastor Ron) and still get to The Cell on time and if I would also have time to make said sign as I had apparently forgotten. Then I realized that I was at the 11 am service and I really should have gone to the 9 am service if I was going to the game. At which point I looked at my ticket and realized that the game was for next week. Phew!

I was paranoid enough to double check my ticket when I woke up. The game is this Sunday at 1:05 pm as usual. I bought the posterboard yesterday. Everything seems to be in order so look for me and Brooke on TV!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

White Sox aren't the only team in town

Today I took in a Kane County Cougars game, compliments of an employee appreciation promotion. Charles and Paul were along for the ride and even though the Cougars ultimately lost 6-5, it was a very enjoyable afternoon. The weather was perfect, although the sunburn on my shoulders might disagree. It was also nice just to watch a baseball game and not really care who won. I mean, it would have been nice if the Cougars had won but it's not as life-or-death the way the Sox games have been lately. Sometimes I get overly emotional when watching my favorite team. Anyway, Charles and Paul proved to be excellent company. Good times.

On a side note, I'm finally watching the Rocky movies. I've made it through the first three and they keep getting better. After I watch 4 and 5, I'm moving on to the Godfather trilogy and Lord of the Rings. How is it possible that I've never seen any of these classic movies? I'm still not sure but I'm trying to make up for lost time.

Other highlights from this weekend: hanging out with the Gat and Jill until the wee hours of the morning, grabbing breakfast with my good friend Christy, exploring Hawkins Circle, and watching Rocky 2 and 3. Plus I was on call for 24 hours and did not get called out!

Monday, August 14, 2006

This is what refreshed feels like

My weekend camping was amazing! The weather was perfect, Lake Geneva was beautiful, and I had a blast with my friends. I was completely in my element. There's just something about the outdoors, you know? It was nice to just relax and let the day unwind. We walked through uncharted forest, hit the beach, roasted marshmallows, played Rumikub, frisbee, and bags, and just generally enjoyed each other's company. The best part? I was the Funny Friend this weekend! I know I have moments where I'm funny but that's typically not my role- I'm usually the Good Listener or the White Sox fan, to list a couple of the usual suspects. For whatever reason, my friends thought I was hillarious. I'm pretty sure that I'll need to be the Funny Friend for the rest of my life now; I just can't go back. It's good to come back feeling refreshed and free of all my stress. I was reminded of how God has been taking care of me all along and got some good insights on how to handle my current circumstances. And to top it all off, the Sox swept the Tigers! Could life be any better?

My tent buddy Danielle, Lexie and Danielle give into their Starbucks craving, Brooke and Lauren keep the fire alive, Lauren and I contemplate our next Rumikub move

Friday, August 11, 2006

It's camping time!

Work has been crazy again the last couple of weeks, it's just that point of the cycle. Hopefully I'll only have another week of madness and then it'll calm down for awhile. I'm feeling a little burnt out this week, pretty much drained by some of the needs of my patients. My caseload is pretty stable, probably around 33, which is normal. I just have a lot of high need patients. I've also had some young moms with children lately. It's nice to work with the kids but it's so heartbreaking at the same time. Sometimes I walk away feeling like I haven't done enough. At the same time, the only One who can really help these families is God. I just keep praying for the strength to get through another day and that He would enable me to comfort and support those He has placed in my life. Last Friday I had to rush out to be with a family who had lost their 102 year old mother/grandmother. They were absolutely hysterical and I ended up staying there for close to 3 hours just listening and soothing everyone. I must have done something good- I got a message this afternoon that the granddaughter dropped off 2 big sheet cakes in appreciation for all that the hospice team did for the family. Yum! It was very sweet of her to do that. It's a good reminder that I am making an impact, even when I'm not sure what kind of impact that is. Thankfully it's Friday again, my day is almost over and I'm set to go camping with some of my college friends. It's coming at a very good time. Hopefully I can just enjoy the beach, hike, relax, and come back refreshed and restored.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

One down, a few more to go

Last night's game against the Yankees was amazing! The crowd was crazy- I love when the whole ballpark chants "let's go White Sox" and claps in time! Brooke and I were thrilled to have several opportunity's to sing the Let's Go Go Go White Sox song a few times- and we weren't the only ones to have the words memorized. That, my friends, is progress. As we were waiting for the game to start, I turned to Brooke and said, "We're going to win tonight." I was somehow very sure about it. I had no idea it would take 11 innings and what nailbiters those innings were! It seemed to be a back and forth rally of hits. We were down 5-4 in the 9th inning when up stepped Paulie and blasted a homer, off of Rivera no less who has allowed only one other home run this season. Insane and yet so totally White Sox. Finally in the 11th with 2 men on base, JD hit a walkoff single allowing Gooch to score. We went crazy! If you've seen me in action at a game, then you have a good idea of what I mean. If you haven't experienced a game with me yet, well I'm not going to be humble- you're just plain missing out! The extra innings forced me to take the 12:40 am train home- I missed the 11:40 pm by about 15 minutes. But after a game like that, who cares? Sure I'm tired today but the White Sox beat the Yankees! All is right with the world. I liked Scott Merkin's closing lines here:

Sure, it was just one win, following a formula the White Sox have employed many times over the past couple of highly successful years. But as they battle toward a second straight playoff spot, the players hope this is a victory that could spark a sustained run in the direction of the postseason.
"Regardless of how much we are down in the standings, you still have to work hard because you never know what could happen," Dye said. "It definitely helps with our confidence."
"We haven't had a game like that in a long time," Konerko added. "It was a real tight game, good pitching, clutch hitting and it came out with the right ending. Anytime you hit a home run off a Hall of Famer like that to tie up a game ... Hopefully that sparks us and gets us going in the right direction."

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I knew I liked her for a reason!

Due to amazing technology, I found out today that Kelly Clarkson is my celebrity look-alike. I always knew fame was in my blood. And it explains why I find her music to be so damn catchy.