Friday, August 11, 2006

It's camping time!

Work has been crazy again the last couple of weeks, it's just that point of the cycle. Hopefully I'll only have another week of madness and then it'll calm down for awhile. I'm feeling a little burnt out this week, pretty much drained by some of the needs of my patients. My caseload is pretty stable, probably around 33, which is normal. I just have a lot of high need patients. I've also had some young moms with children lately. It's nice to work with the kids but it's so heartbreaking at the same time. Sometimes I walk away feeling like I haven't done enough. At the same time, the only One who can really help these families is God. I just keep praying for the strength to get through another day and that He would enable me to comfort and support those He has placed in my life. Last Friday I had to rush out to be with a family who had lost their 102 year old mother/grandmother. They were absolutely hysterical and I ended up staying there for close to 3 hours just listening and soothing everyone. I must have done something good- I got a message this afternoon that the granddaughter dropped off 2 big sheet cakes in appreciation for all that the hospice team did for the family. Yum! It was very sweet of her to do that. It's a good reminder that I am making an impact, even when I'm not sure what kind of impact that is. Thankfully it's Friday again, my day is almost over and I'm set to go camping with some of my college friends. It's coming at a very good time. Hopefully I can just enjoy the beach, hike, relax, and come back refreshed and restored.

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