Thursday, September 28, 2006

What Dreams Are Made Of

Insomnia has been back again lately, probably due to stress from work. Our census is at an all time high and I'm struggling to even seem like I'm staying on top of my caseload. The flipside is that I have some wonderful new patients and I'm getting to do bereavement work with children. Tuesday night I actually fell asleep pretty quickly and had an interesting dream which I've chosen to share for the sake of randomness.

In the dream, I was pregnant. The father of the child was Mike MacDougal only he looked more like Jon Garland (with red hair) and for whatever reason, he was wearing Thome's jersey. I'm not sure if we were married or not but we were very in love. In spite of all this, I was asked to lead a college dance class. I went to the first day of class completely unprepared- I hadn't even choreographed our first number- but I bluffed my way through warm up exercises and fended off an annoying girl's question about what the final would be. Thanks to my final for modern dance at lovely Augustana College, I already knew the answer: students have to choreograph a dance exploring emotion to one minute from a song of their choice. In my case, Sarah MacLachlan's "Winter" which I made up on the spot, ironically the teacher and fellow classmates were in awe of my dancing prowess and the emotions I "chose to explore." Enough of real life, back to the dream...after leading dance class I headed over to the local grocery store, which apparently is in a small town and owned by my father. He was getting ready for the store's anniversary cook out. I was going to sale price some Ruffles potato chips- they have ridges, you know- but I realized we were going to use them all for the cook out and thought that the Lays potato chips should be on sale instead. The end.

In other news, I have been receiving condolences all week over the death of the White Sox' post season dreams. To make matters worse, on Wednesday I went to my parents house to pick up my mail only to see that my American League Championship Series tickets had arrived. And I will NEVER be able to use them!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Still Believing Somehow

I'm going to the games tonight and tomorrow night against the Tigers. I have a good feeling about it despite the way things have been going for my beloved team lately. What the heck is their problem? In any case, I plan to bring the magic and hopefully that will do the trick!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bringing the magic wherever I go

Last Wednesday I went to another baseball game but probably not like you're thinking. My good friend Kat took me to a Cubs game. Yes, a Cubs game. I've only been to Wrigley one other time and while I'll never succumb to the Dark Side, I had a good time with Kat, Ben, George, Charles, Matt, and Greg. It was a pretty good game but of course, the Cubbies just about blew it until Derek Lee hit a grand slam to save the day in the 8th inning. I just hated how no one was watching the game though! Like my cousin Adam said: Wrigley is the biggest bar in Chicago.

Here I am with Charles the Traitor:) Two days later he happened to be at the Sox game and realized the errors of his ways. I told him he still has to prove himself and earn back the trust of all worthy Sox fans. What's to say he won't just change his mind again in a couple of weeks? Let's hope he stays true to the light.

Friday night we celebrated Halfway to St. Patrick's Day at The Cell. I was thrilled to get my free green hat and watch the game with 13 of my fabulous friends. It was a merging of worlds with friends from church and college (outside of the Gate 5 Gang members who already know each other). You've just got to love a stadium awash in green. Oliver, Paul, and Josh left early in the 8th inning which is when the Sox lost their lead- I was ready to blame them! But...the luck of the Irish and Leigh and Jill were on the Sox's side- we won thanks to AJ's walk off homer in the 9th but also because Jill and I switched seats and wore rally hats. Rock on!

With Jill, Jen, and Kibibi and then with Brooke

Laura and the gang rejoice in the win!

Revised radio list

So after I posted my Top 5 Radio songs, I immediately realized that it should have been more of a Top 10 list. Enjoy the results, listed in really no particular order.

Top 10 Radio Songs:
1. Diary of Jane- Breaking Benjamin (video)
2. Walk Away- Kelly Clarkson
3. Through Glass-Stone Sour
4. A Better Way-Downhere
5. Move Along -All American Rejects
6. The Raconteurs- Steady, As She Goes
7. Snow Patrol- Chasing Cars
8. Evanescence- Call Me When You're Sober
9. Goo Goo Dolls- Stay With You
10. Panic! At the Disco- I Write Sins Not Tragedies (verging on being way too overplayed but I still dig it)
Guilty Pleasure: Nelly Furtado: Promiscuous Girl

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuning into the radio

Top 5 Radio Songs*:
1. Diary of Jane- Breaking Benjamin (video)
2. Walk Away- Kelly Clarkson (I love the "I know you know I know" line!)
3. Through Glass-Stone Sour
4. A Better Way-Downhere (lyrics border on cheesy at times but darn it, if I don't love the song anyway)
5. Move Along -All American Rejects

*Meaning you blast the music and sing along at the top of your lungs, and possibly even louder than that if there are other cars nearby