Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bringing the magic wherever I go

Last Wednesday I went to another baseball game but probably not like you're thinking. My good friend Kat took me to a Cubs game. Yes, a Cubs game. I've only been to Wrigley one other time and while I'll never succumb to the Dark Side, I had a good time with Kat, Ben, George, Charles, Matt, and Greg. It was a pretty good game but of course, the Cubbies just about blew it until Derek Lee hit a grand slam to save the day in the 8th inning. I just hated how no one was watching the game though! Like my cousin Adam said: Wrigley is the biggest bar in Chicago.

Here I am with Charles the Traitor:) Two days later he happened to be at the Sox game and realized the errors of his ways. I told him he still has to prove himself and earn back the trust of all worthy Sox fans. What's to say he won't just change his mind again in a couple of weeks? Let's hope he stays true to the light.

Friday night we celebrated Halfway to St. Patrick's Day at The Cell. I was thrilled to get my free green hat and watch the game with 13 of my fabulous friends. It was a merging of worlds with friends from church and college (outside of the Gate 5 Gang members who already know each other). You've just got to love a stadium awash in green. Oliver, Paul, and Josh left early in the 8th inning which is when the Sox lost their lead- I was ready to blame them! But...the luck of the Irish and Leigh and Jill were on the Sox's side- we won thanks to AJ's walk off homer in the 9th but also because Jill and I switched seats and wore rally hats. Rock on!

With Jill, Jen, and Kibibi and then with Brooke

Laura and the gang rejoice in the win!


the dreamer said...

I forgot to comment on the fact that Charles had a Sox hat on at the leader meeting on Saturday. I didn't get a chance to talk to him then, but I gave him crap on Sunday. And by "give him crap," I mean quoted Scripture, i.e., you cannot serve two masters ... you must love one and hate the other ... but I forgot, "how long will you waver between two opinions?"

(Note, let the record show that I'm using "crap" to refer to my disapproval of Charles's actions-- not Scripture.)

Also, can I get a copy of the pic of us with rally caps? :)

Also, we need a win today. Um, and every other day.

HopefulLSW said...

I'm glad you imparted your Scriptural wisdom on Charles. He does need all the help he can get:) Consider your rally cap picture request granted. But maybe remind me in a week if you still don't have it! I wish these Angels games weren't on so late- I think they need me to stay up and will a win to happen but gosh darn it I'm tired!

Charls the Traitor said...

I've seen the light, but you have your doubts! I am willing to do the leg work, to know the names of everyone on the roster, to sound like a southsider, heck I'm a Notre Dame fan. I even promise to burn my Cubs hat! Whatever it takes I'm willing to do it, to show that I'm serious about cheering for the SOX. By the way, aren't you called to help disciple me and encourage me? You ladies crack me up! Nothing but love for ya!