Sunday, October 22, 2006

I laugh in the face of Haunted Houses

I went to my first Haunted House last night. My parents are anti-Halloween, hence I never even went trick or treating. My parents still bought me and my brother candy and took us out for a special dinner and/or movie that night so it never bothered me too much. I usually don't let myself watch scary movies anymore- half the time I can't even watch the previews on tv! I get too freaked out. When Brian and Donna started talking about going to a haunted house, I told them a firm "no way!" I was on call until 8 so I kind of had an excuse anyways. Brian, Donna, Josh, Brian's cousin Noe and Noe's girlfriend Jenny all convened at our apartment. I'm not saying there was peer pressure involved, I'm just saying. When Josh told me I'd better change into my shoes as slippers are not allowed in haunted houses, I had to laugh and finally give in. I was somewhat curious about what all the fuss was. $12 later our experience at Basement of the Dead in Aurora began. I threw up a prayer to God, knowing that I might have been screwing myself over for a nightmare filled night. Josh and Donna were kind enough to let me hold on to them and I made sure that I was sandwiched between the two couples. It was a good spot to be in but I was still confronted by monsters and people grabbing at my legs. I just kept laughing, trying to hold on to Donna while Jenny held on to me. It was so ridiculously dark in there that a lot of concentration was spent just trying to figure out where to go next. I jumped once or twice but no big screams. I was too busy laughing! And if any bad guys got too close, I told them "Get out of my way" or "You're not very nice." Both statements were equally effective. It'll probably be a while before I pay to do that again but at least I can say I've been. The moral of the story: I did lose my right contact during our walk through. There were lots of body bags hanging from the ceiling that we had to shove out of the way and in the process one clocked me in the eye. I didn't realize my contact was missing until well after we were done. I don't think it's a punishment but it is ironic. Hopefully the eye doctor will get a new one in fast because I'm in Ross and Dani's wedding on Saturday!

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