Wednesday, October 18, 2006

She just keeps talking

Yesterday I did a presentation at Midwestern University for pharmacy students. My friend Meri is the instructor for an End of Life Care elective class and asked me to be a guest speaker and share what I do as a social worker. Needless to say I was insanely nervous. Thankfully it went really well! I used Power Point, which was a mark of genius, and did not practice before hand. I usually do better to just wing these kinds of things and hope for the best. I figured I'd be the cool lecturer that lets everyone out early. Unfortunately there was no clock within my eyesight and if not for Meri flashing me the 5 minute warning, I would easily talked for another half hour. Luckily I was able to wrap it up and end the class on time. No one fell asleep, everyone was pretty engaged for a morning class, and they all liked my case examples. Plus Meri said I did a great job! Hurrah! Now I just need to get ready for my next presentation...a nursing home wants me to talk about taking care of yourself when you're a health care provider. Should be interesting stuff. And then the next day I leave for Ireland. I can't wait!!!

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the Gat said...

it's not always teaching in the morning. Good job.