Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ireland Highlights- better late than never

-Jill and I had a fantastic time!!!
-Mastering the art of driving on the left side of the road
-Becoming a certified Whiskey Tasting expert after touring Jameson Distillery
-Exploring the streets of Dublin
-Being hit on by 3 guys at Fitzgerald's and meeting Brendan whilst waiting for the DART- Irish men appreciated our hotness!
-The food! I loved the full Irish breakfast, drinking tea every morning, fish and chips, fillet of beef, the list goes on and on.
-Blarney Castle- but I did not kiss the Blarney Stone! Too many germs, plus the locals like to pee on it. No thank you! The castle was awesome though and the grounds were amazingly beautiful.
-Our favorite bed and breakfast: Tailors Lodge in Castleisland. Breda, the owner, was so friendly and accomodating, the house was beautiful, there was a separate guest lounge with sattelite tv, need I say more? Next time I go to Ireland I will definitely stay with Breda again- it's a good spot for exploring Kerry and doing a lot of day trips.

-Overall just feeling loved by God. This was such a dream come true! Lots of spiritual insights throughout my time there, just feeling more encouraged about His plan for my life, etc. Part of driving meant encountering many roundabouts. A roundabout is a complex and ridiculous Irish intersection that leaves one confused and driving in circles until one selects the correct exit. It reminded me of trying to figure out God's plan. If you pay attention to the sign, you'll have no trouble. Just like when I focus on His word and what He has done for me already, it is much easier to be content and patient.

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