Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Aunt Teresa

On Friday I finally made it out to the farm to see Aunt Teresa and my grandparents. It's been a busy month but my coworkers kept me well informed of Teresa's condition. It was shocking to see how much weight she has lost. She truly is nearing the end. Grandma is finally tired enough that I can boss her around. She wouldn't let me do too much but she did sit down with my grandpa to eat dinner and she laid down for nap while I sat with Teresa. Teresa likes to have someone in the room. Most of the time she is sleeping but she is very aware of someone else's presence. If you even move, she will wake up and ask where you're going. I held her hand and talked to her, sometimes she would respond. My Aunt Sue stopped over briefly and we teased Teresa about how we're her favorite nieces. It's the truth but it still made her laugh. Teresa is not eating much these days but I did feed her some orange sherbet, which we described as refreshing more than nourishing. Her fingers have swollen a little bit but with a little effort I managed to get off all of her rings at my grandma's request. Teresa is attached to her bracelets and rings but due to her tremors, they make a lot of racket, especially against the rails of the hospital bed. It's just another thing that keeps grandma from getting restful sleep at night. After the rings were off, I massaged her hands with lotion to distract her. Hopefully she won't ask anyone to put the rings back on! While we were sitting together, Teresa asked me where I was going to sleep. I explained I would go back to my apartment. She was disappointed by this. I asked her if she had wanted me to sleep over and she said yes and pointed out that there is a spare bed. I didn't have any pajamas or stuff for my contacts so we decided that I will sleep over this Friday. That way grandma won't have to get up at all during the night and Teresa will have another person to sit with her. I'm exhausted already and it's not even Tuesday! I'm praying that Teresa will have a good night while I'm there so I can catch up on my sleep too. But if not, then at least I'll know that I'm being helpful. It'll be good to spend more time with my family. I still can't imagine life without Teresa but I guess we'll be finding out soon.

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