Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy anniversary!

Yesterday marked one year of Confessions from yours truly. It's been fun sharing my thoughts and pictures with all of my loyal readers. Admittedly, I have been tending to focus on how I play hard, versus how I work hard but hey, an outlet is an outlet.

My favorite holiday St. Patrick's Day was delightful. I cooked Irish breakfast for the gang at Mark and Erin's house which was a big hit. I wish I could eat that well every morning. Then we walked to the train to catch the parade downtown. I've never gone to the SPD parade before and it was very crowded, very stingy with the throwing of beads, but very Irish and fun at the same time. I was pretty ticked that I never caught any beads- they barely came in our direction but I was 95 % happy for the lady standing next to me who caught a strand directly on her upraised arm. It was her destiny I guess. After the parade, we went to Elephant and Castle which appeared to have the shortest line. Kibibi and I made fast friends with the couple in front of us which did help the time move along. I just love how friendly everyone is on SPD! Once inside we were serenaded by bagpipes and an Irish folk band. The table wait wasn't too bad either and I enjoyed a great meal of Fish and Chips. It was a hard call between that and a Reuben sandwich but I think I made the best decision. Elephant and Castle have some great posters inside selling the merits of alchohol, describing it as a "social lubricant" and "sacred throat-annointing." Both points were more than proven by the patrons. We decided to catch an earlier train back to miss the crowds and then headed over to Muldoons where we met up with some other pals and caught up with old friends from high school. All in all, a very fun filled day. I wasn't as crazy as I used to be so I must be growing up. Or else growing old. Now I just need to go back to Ireland...