Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Church of St. Theresa

That is the term Chaplain Ron used to describe Aunt Teresa's final vigil when he visited yesterday afternoon. Tuesday night Grandma was finally able to tell Teresa goodbye, that it was OK for her to be with their mother again. Wednesday morning Teresa slipped into a comatose state. My coworkers let me know that she was actively dying. I was able to be at the house with my grandparents, hospice RN Donna, hospice volunteer Karen, and Ron during her final moments. She went to heaven at 4:53 pm April 11. We are sad but comforted knowing that she is finally at peace. It has been a long journey but a blessed one. God provided wonderful caregivers that were able to help Grandma when her back gave out 2 weeks ago and a fantastic hospice team (I'm not saying that just because I'm biased!). I had prayed that I would be with Teresa at the end, both for myself and to support my grandparents, and I am glad that it happened that way. In a sense even Teresa waited until the perfect time- just that morning she had had her hair done and her fingernails painted! Even now I marvel at God's timing and how he has brought good from the bad. It has been overwhelming at times to see my personal and professional lives blur together but I would not have had it any other way when I look back and see how God has worked in my life and continued to teach me. I pray that I will always be teachable and ready to receive His grace and strength.

Thank you to all who have been praying and for all the words and gestures of support. Words aren't enough to express my appreciation.

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