Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Home Opener Review Attempt 2

So Blogger is dumb and posted my review of the home opener in very very tiny font, which I did not notice until now because when you preview everything, it looked fine. So here is what I wrote yesterday underneath the Scott Merkin quotes.

Paulie and AJ prove yet again why I love them! Ah yes, Opening Day. It started out with much promise but our hopes were mostly dashed by the first inning, aside from Darin Erstad's stellar home run. Pretty much glad to have him on the team! Nonetheless, we all had a good time at the game. I enjoyed baseball food- Nachos!- and even got some free Sox beads. This must be my year for getting beads- I like it! Jackie and I made up a new cheer for AJ inspired by a game of bags and it was good to have the Bond crew together again for the home opener. I'm still excited for baseball season and things can only improve from here! (Thus sayeth the eternal Sox optimist.)

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mxwp said...

Argh! Except for the second game loss! Although that one was more of a heartbreaker rather than the pounding on opening day.