Monday, April 30, 2007

When it rains, it pours

"I'm also realizing that my grandparents are getting ever older. We just never know how much time we have left." Journal entry April 13, 2007
It turns out I am strangely prophetic. Grandma (who was Aunt Teresa's caregiver) was admitted to the hospital a week ago today as she was dehydrated and in a pain crisis from her back. After bloodwork, a bone scan, and several other tests, she was diagnosed with Stage III Multiple Myeloma and renal failure on Wednesday. The doctor told us she was actively dying and without treatment, she would be with us for maybe a few days to a few weeks. Needless to say this has been a hellish week. She started chemotherapy with the hope of decreasing her pain and increasing her time (quality time, that is) left with us. Each day she has improved! Her kidney function is up to 51% now and her calcium continues to decrease. Her numbers are looking good, although there is no hope outside of a miracle that she will be cured. It is wonderful to see how she is doing. It was such a shock to see how declined she was last Wednesday. She was very lethargic and disoriented, sleeping most of the time. I did manage to get a smile out of her when I told her I, her favorite granddaughter, was there. It's a new joke between me and Grandma since Teresa started on hospice. Hopefully Clara and Emily won't be offended! Work has been hard, especially Thursday and Friday. A new patient I saw first thing Thursday morning told me her goal was to make it to her granddaughter's wedding in 2 weeks. A great goal but all I could think of was how unlikely it is that my grandma will make it to my own wedding. For the past few years I have teased her, telling her she has to take care of herself because I want her at my wedding- and we all know how long it could be before that happens! My bosses have been pretty understanding and I've been able to work a few half days. Friday Grandma was more awake and yesterday she looked so much better! We were able to have some good conversations and I will cherish these moments forever. I don't know how much time we have left but I know Grandma is determined to fight this thing and with the million people we have praying (she's a part of the Catholic network and well esteemed throughout the country), who knows what will happen? I have felt God's peace increasingly since last Wednesday and I know He will continue to comfort us no matter what the outcome.

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