Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Car wars

I hate driving behind people that are driving under the speed limit, cutting people off, not using their turn signal, the list goes on. I'm sure you do too. The other day I was on Butterfield trying to get to a friend's party. I wasn't in a particular rush to get there but I would have liked to at least be going 50 (posted speed limit). Apparently the car in front of me thought 35-40 was a better pace. As I was grumbling to myself, I saw the "W" decal from the last presidential election and thought, "Of course this guy would be a Bush supporter!" And then I realized that whenever I'm behind an idiot driver and they have Republican or Cubs parapharnelia on their car, I attribute it to another level of their stupidity. Then I thought about when the idiot driver's car happens to have White Sox bumper stickers instead and realized that I'm much more forgiving. "Oh, a fellow Sox fan! They must be having a bad day or they just didn't realize what the speed limit is." I think this is the real reason why I won't put a Jesus fish or any Christian bumper stickers on (besides their usual cheesy awfulness)- I don't want people to judge my driving and have it reflect badly on Christians. We get enough grief as it is.

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mxwp said...

Ah, the good old Fundamental Attribution Error comes into play!

Heh, being poor witness is also the reason I do not have an ixous fish on my car. But at least you will give me the benefit of the doubt as a fellow Sox fan.