Tuesday, July 31, 2007


One of the saddest parts of coming home Friday night? Listening to the Sox game on the radio (we won!) and discovering that Gooch had been traded. Brooke and I were horrified by this. I looked at her mournfully and said, "No more Tadahito cheer." We said the cheer in our saddest voices for one last time.
I say Tada, you say Hito.

I'll miss you Gooch. Say hi to Aaron for me. I'm dreaming of a day when we will be together once more. P.S. Thanks for beating the Cubs yesterday!

In breaking news, we have apparently traded Mackowiak for a Padres pitcher. Now I don't have my Mackowiak cheer either! What the crap? And could it get any worse? The Red Sox are trying to take my Jermaine Dye away from me!

Ahoy Boundary Waters!

My week in the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota was exceptionally challenging, peaceful, rewarding, and fun. I bought a map of the area we canoed through because it is crazy the amount of miles we canoed and portaged our way through. Brooke and I got along famously as ever and the rest of our all girl group was just as awesome. There was great teamwork with a healthy dose of spontaneity thrown in. So what if we couldn't shower all week or use deodorant? We were more than conquerors! Like all vacations the time went by way too fast. I am sad to be back in the working world again. At least I have my Grand Canyon trip to look forward to! I wonder if I'll still have my bruises by then...At the very least I'll have my impressive biceps which will not help me in any way while I hike but will still look, well, impressive. I would highly recommend a BW trip to anyone interested.God reminded me of some great truths while I was out in His wilderness. There's something so restorative about being in nature, especially after these last few months. I am still grieving but I felt that part of my grief was surrendered during this trip. I am slowly moving forward, leaning heavily on Him.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A few things...

1. I'm so happy that Buehrle resigned! It is the one bright moment we have had lately what with all the ups and downs. Today I read that the Sox would need .700 in order to win 90 games this season. Even I, the Eternal Sox Optimist, have to admit this is unlikely.
2. Top Chef announced that the next season will be shot in Chicago. Yay! Erin and I are hoping to be groupies. If they won't serve us, maybe they'll at least let us stand in the background. Colicchio!
3. Tomorrow is my last day of work for a week! Yes, blessed vacation! I will be canoeing the Boundary Waters by day, hard core camping by night. Nature is always restorative but hopefully I won't be working too hard to enjoy it. It will be so good to just get away for awhile. Next vacation: going back to the Grand Canyon over Labor Day.
4. I was reminiscing about my trip to Ireland. Such good fun times. Jill, I think we should get back there stat.
5. Last weekend I went to the Pitchfork Music Festival, a good time as always. I ended up just going on Saturday as I had to be on-call for a coworker on Sunday but most of who I wanted to see was there on Saturday anyway. Highlights- Iron and Wine, Ken Vandermark's Powerhouse Sound (perfect summer music), Cat Power and Dirty Delta Blues, to list a few. Also, Yoko Ono is a little bit crazy. She passed out flashlights so we could send "flashes of love" to promote world peace. A little corny and yet touching at the same time. I highly recommend that you go next year if you get a chance.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

It's just like, it's just like..a mini mall

Now that I get the newspaper again (yes!!!!) I am not only up to date on current affairs but I am able to read human interest stories, such as Sammy Stevens who owns the Flea Market Montgomery and wrote a rap song/commercial to draw in customers. Little did he expect that his commercial, once posted on You Tube, would bring him fame. He has since appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and is going to shoot a commercial for Walter E. Smithe furniture. Apparently different artists have covered the song at shows and now You Tube has spawned a variety of spoofs. Of course I had to check out the rap for myself. Not the best thing I've ever heard but it is darn catchy.
The original:

Shaun Groves takes it down a notch:

Shawshank style:

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

The Wheaton parade seemed to go much quicker and more smoothly than I can ever remember. The floats were interesting (Carlson's had an awesome cicada theme- they always do a great job!) and the theme remained patriotic, seeing as how we were there to celebrate our independence and honor the men and women who have fought for our country. God bless America and, more importantly, God bless the world.

Donna with MagnetStreet (no, that's not a real baby!)