Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ahoy Boundary Waters!

My week in the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota was exceptionally challenging, peaceful, rewarding, and fun. I bought a map of the area we canoed through because it is crazy the amount of miles we canoed and portaged our way through. Brooke and I got along famously as ever and the rest of our all girl group was just as awesome. There was great teamwork with a healthy dose of spontaneity thrown in. So what if we couldn't shower all week or use deodorant? We were more than conquerors! Like all vacations the time went by way too fast. I am sad to be back in the working world again. At least I have my Grand Canyon trip to look forward to! I wonder if I'll still have my bruises by then...At the very least I'll have my impressive biceps which will not help me in any way while I hike but will still look, well, impressive. I would highly recommend a BW trip to anyone interested.God reminded me of some great truths while I was out in His wilderness. There's something so restorative about being in nature, especially after these last few months. I am still grieving but I felt that part of my grief was surrendered during this trip. I am slowly moving forward, leaning heavily on Him.

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