Thursday, July 19, 2007

A few things...

1. I'm so happy that Buehrle resigned! It is the one bright moment we have had lately what with all the ups and downs. Today I read that the Sox would need .700 in order to win 90 games this season. Even I, the Eternal Sox Optimist, have to admit this is unlikely.
2. Top Chef announced that the next season will be shot in Chicago. Yay! Erin and I are hoping to be groupies. If they won't serve us, maybe they'll at least let us stand in the background. Colicchio!
3. Tomorrow is my last day of work for a week! Yes, blessed vacation! I will be canoeing the Boundary Waters by day, hard core camping by night. Nature is always restorative but hopefully I won't be working too hard to enjoy it. It will be so good to just get away for awhile. Next vacation: going back to the Grand Canyon over Labor Day.
4. I was reminiscing about my trip to Ireland. Such good fun times. Jill, I think we should get back there stat.
5. Last weekend I went to the Pitchfork Music Festival, a good time as always. I ended up just going on Saturday as I had to be on-call for a coworker on Sunday but most of who I wanted to see was there on Saturday anyway. Highlights- Iron and Wine, Ken Vandermark's Powerhouse Sound (perfect summer music), Cat Power and Dirty Delta Blues, to list a few. Also, Yoko Ono is a little bit crazy. She passed out flashlights so we could send "flashes of love" to promote world peace. A little corny and yet touching at the same time. I highly recommend that you go next year if you get a chance.

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the dreamer said...

Dude, after talking to Gary (the photographer from CT who did that Ireland feature) and his wife the other night, I am SO on board. She was all, "Did you do the Ring of Kerry? Did you see the Cliffs of Moher? Did you see this castle, that castle, and the other 23 zillion amazingly gorgeous places?" I was all, "Um, I need to go back."