Thursday, July 05, 2007

It's just like, it's just like..a mini mall

Now that I get the newspaper again (yes!!!!) I am not only up to date on current affairs but I am able to read human interest stories, such as Sammy Stevens who owns the Flea Market Montgomery and wrote a rap song/commercial to draw in customers. Little did he expect that his commercial, once posted on You Tube, would bring him fame. He has since appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and is going to shoot a commercial for Walter E. Smithe furniture. Apparently different artists have covered the song at shows and now You Tube has spawned a variety of spoofs. Of course I had to check out the rap for myself. Not the best thing I've ever heard but it is darn catchy.
The original:

Shaun Groves takes it down a notch:

Shawshank style:

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derfman said...

Heh! This has now become one of my fav YouTube clips. I must be behind the times, though. Thanks for introducing it to me. Still, it is behind the Tunak Tun video as my all time favorite.