Friday, August 24, 2007

Mystery Music

First things first, sign a petition to ensure that 50 Cent does not back out on his challenge to Kanye West. This is the kind of thing that makes me smile!

In other music news...Q101 has been playing a new song all month without revealing the band or the title under the premise that they don't want people to listen with preconceived notions. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They will be telling all on August 30. I have a sneaking suspicion that it is the boy band of yore: Hanson. It's a combination of familiar vocals and what kind of band would most loyal Q101 listeners scoff at.

I confess I was a fan of "MmmBop" back in the day. It was my guilty pleasure. If I'm right and it is Hanson, then I totally understand the sneaky tactic. But they don't really sound more "rockerish" than before. I could easily see 101.9 The Mix playing this particular tune (although I laugh whenever The Mix plays Blue October or Linkin Park- seriously? You're a cheesy pop music station!)
OK, I started posting this on a total whim but I am a genius! I was totally right! Hanson's website has a link to a video for the "Great Divide." (Apparently sales on ITunes benefit HIVSA- good for them!) Lo and behold- that is the song! I just love myself right now. Not only did I figure out the Q101 riddle, but Hanson proved that they have grown up a bit musically. Good for them! Still won't be buying their CD- I have to save those shekels for Kanye.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Those dirty rascals

I was raised Republican. Once I got to college and began my sociology major, I realized that I may not completely agree with my parents' political views. Shortly before the 2000 Presidential election I sat down, researched the issues, and discovered, lo and behold, I was a Democrat. I wrote a long letter to my parents explaining my true political beliefs and called my mom a few days later. It turns out she never gave the letter to my dad, figuring he would be too upset by my change of heart. I remember one year I asked him about absentee ballots and he said he would help me get one...depending on who I was going to vote for. I'm still not sure if he was joking. Since I have graduated from college my views have mellowed a bit and I would say I'm a moderate liberal. It's hard to be completely enamored with either political party given the current state of affairs. This is why I have been such a big fan of Barack Obama. I was in graduate school at University of Chicago when he was running for Senate- a lot of people were very involved in his campaign. Given that I was working part time and juggling school and an internship, I was unable to get involved but I was rooting for him all the way. He's young, he's idealistic, he could be the fresh voice we need, and all that jazz. When he decided to run for president, I was disappointed that he didn't keep his promise to finish his first term before he thought of future aspirations. But things are the way they are. I'm wishing him the best. I usually don't commit to any candidate during the primaries but when I saw Obama's campaign tent at the Pitchfork Music Festival last month, I couldn't contain myself. I bought a bumper sticker and it was beautiful. I proudly put it on my car the next day, apparently to the chagrin of DuPage County Republicans. This morning I realized that someone stole my bumper sticker! When I noticed it was gone, I thought maybe it had somehow fallen off. But upon further inspection, I am sure that it was removed from my car. The cowards! It either happened in my apartment complex parking lot or in my parent's driveway. My apartment is the more likely suspect and I will have an eagle eye out for all shifty AMLI residents. For a moment I thought about calling the police, the way people like to do when someone steals a campaign sign out of their lawn. It would be funny to see how the cops would react to this one. "Um, they stole your bumper sticker?" I would suggest they look for an angry Republican. If they're a bad thief, maybe the bumper sticker is sticking to them. How's that for irony? They may have removed the sticker from my car this time but they can't keep a good woman down for long. If I was rich I would go out and buy Obama stickers for every car in the lot. That'll teach them to mess with me! Or I can just get a new one for myself. I've been meaning to put up my Sojourner's "God is not a Republican...or a Democrat" sticker on anyway.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Down with 50

I enjoy Kanye West. "Jesus Walks" was an anthem during the 2005 World Series, if only because it played during every commercial break. I thought "Golddigger" was hillariously well-crafted. However, for no particular reason, I've never purchased one of his CDs. That is about to change. This morning the Tribune published a little tidbit that CDs by 50 Cent and Kanye will release on the same day, September 11. Apparently 50 Cent has decided that if CD does not outsell Kanye's, he will give up his solo career. Silly 50. He may have wished me a happy birthday and then sipped Bacardi but he lost me after all that bro's and ho's talk. With this challenge, he's made me an offer I can't refuse. You can be sure I will be marching my cute butt over to Best Buy on September 11 and buying Kanye's new CD.

Monday, August 06, 2007


Ernie is one of my favorite patients. He is a sweet older gentleman at one of the nursing homes. Last week he suddenly developed an interest in watching Jerry Springer. Since that's what he wanted to do, I had no choice but to watch with him. This may be the only time in my life that I will be able to say that I am glad I watched the disturbing show. AJ Pierzynski was a guest security guard! So random and, yet, it made perfect sense. God bless him.

Today Bert was playing Bunco with 5 other residents and an activity aid. And so, I learned how to play as well. Easy but delightful. I borrowed 2 Frank Lloyd Wright books from the library for Ernie as he is a big fan (don't let my dad know!) and the stories poured out about why he admired the architect and different homes he had been able to visit.

When it was time to leave, Ernie admonished me to drive safe, as always. Who knows what the next visit will bring?

Friday, August 03, 2007

Prison exercise

Prisoners in the Philippines have an interesting take on dancing, the required form of exercise. The "Thriller" video has always freaked me out a little bit. Watching prisoners reenact the whole thing? Don't even get me started.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Caseload Check-in

My caseload has reached a new all-time high...47. God help me! It's puzzling that the other social workers have at least 10 less each than me. I guess I'm just popular, or at least my territory is.