Saturday, August 11, 2007

Down with 50

I enjoy Kanye West. "Jesus Walks" was an anthem during the 2005 World Series, if only because it played during every commercial break. I thought "Golddigger" was hillariously well-crafted. However, for no particular reason, I've never purchased one of his CDs. That is about to change. This morning the Tribune published a little tidbit that CDs by 50 Cent and Kanye will release on the same day, September 11. Apparently 50 Cent has decided that if CD does not outsell Kanye's, he will give up his solo career. Silly 50. He may have wished me a happy birthday and then sipped Bacardi but he lost me after all that bro's and ho's talk. With this challenge, he's made me an offer I can't refuse. You can be sure I will be marching my cute butt over to Best Buy on September 11 and buying Kanye's new CD.

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