Friday, August 24, 2007

Mystery Music

First things first, sign a petition to ensure that 50 Cent does not back out on his challenge to Kanye West. This is the kind of thing that makes me smile!

In other music news...Q101 has been playing a new song all month without revealing the band or the title under the premise that they don't want people to listen with preconceived notions. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They will be telling all on August 30. I have a sneaking suspicion that it is the boy band of yore: Hanson. It's a combination of familiar vocals and what kind of band would most loyal Q101 listeners scoff at.

I confess I was a fan of "MmmBop" back in the day. It was my guilty pleasure. If I'm right and it is Hanson, then I totally understand the sneaky tactic. But they don't really sound more "rockerish" than before. I could easily see 101.9 The Mix playing this particular tune (although I laugh whenever The Mix plays Blue October or Linkin Park- seriously? You're a cheesy pop music station!)
OK, I started posting this on a total whim but I am a genius! I was totally right! Hanson's website has a link to a video for the "Great Divide." (Apparently sales on ITunes benefit HIVSA- good for them!) Lo and behold- that is the song! I just love myself right now. Not only did I figure out the Q101 riddle, but Hanson proved that they have grown up a bit musically. Good for them! Still won't be buying their CD- I have to save those shekels for Kanye.


the todd said...

Nice work, super sleuth. I listened yesterday when the "unveiled" the mystery band. And they played 3 different Hanson songs I really like their tunes. I think it's funny how people were calling up so flabbergasted. 1) Most folks figured it out thanks to the internet (or friends' blogs who figured it out). 2) People change and grow. It's not like they'd keep doing MMBop all their lives. They were like 8 when they did that, of course they'd get better!

I would have been more impressed if they revealed this was the new Korn sound or something...

HopefulLSW said...

Korn- that would have been hillarious! I was out of town so I didn't get to listen to the great unveiling but I figured there would be a mixed response.