Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ha ha!

When I read the newspaper headlines that the Cubs lost Game 1 to the Diamondbacks, I was elated. I wanted to hoot and holler. I chose not to, out of respect to my roommate who was sick (not related to the Cubs loss). Keep losing, Cubbies, keep losing!

Unfortunately the Phillies lost too but I'm confident they'll turn things around.


Jason said...

I am speechless....for you Sox fans that means without words to say.

I'm pretty sure it was us Cubs fans that sat with you and gave you your deserved pat on the back when you won the Series a few years back.

Need I remind you that it is October and baseball is still being played on only one side of Chicago!

So I am officially done being nice and toe-stepping around you Sox fans and your fragile egos....the Cubs are were not this year. And remember you have brought this completley upon yourselves.

Go Cubs go! Go Cubs go! Hey Chicago what do you say, Cubs are going to win today!!!!!!

derfman said...

I did not expect them to get swept first round. Then again, they're the Cubs.