Monday, October 01, 2007

The weekend report

The weekend had several pros and cons and overall I would say it was a good weekend.

Let's start with the positives: my best friend Tracy and her husband were in town from Nashvegas for the weekend, quality bonding time with Mom, new clothes at bargain prices, Kibibi and I had a nice heart to heart whilst she picked up her PartyLite candles, hanging out with Brooke and Jackie at the last Sox game of the season.

The negatives: Cubs mania has started already (at least they lost yesterday!), the Sox also lost yesterday (SO depressing!), being a 5th wheel to your married best friends.

My predictions? The Cubs will screw up the miracle that got them this far. 2008 for the Sox will bring some good players back to the team (please, Lord, send us Aaron!). And I will become more content. Not sure how, but it's got to happen one of these days! Actually I should pray that my family accepts the fact that my husband is taking the leisurely route. If I didn't have them picking on me, maybe I wouldn't feel so pressured to bring a date to my cousin's wedding just to keep them off my back for awhile.

Anyway, the weekend really was fun. We had dinner at the Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder. Small space but amazing food! Saturday while they were enjoying Wheaton College homecoming activities, I went shopping with my mom which was great. I love spending time with her and I love that we both love resale shops so much! Saturday night we cooked out at Mark and Erin's with some other pals and then headed over to Muldoon's. My childhood best friend Ruth ended up being there. I haven't seen her since we were in college so it was so fun to catch up! The weather was terrific yesterday so even though the Sox lost horrifically, it was still a good day to be at a ballgame. And get free posters.


derfman said...

Well, at least your married friends still spend time with you instead of ignoring you completely. Not that I'm bitter... some friendships naturally come to a conclusion without any acrimony.

Cubs mania and wagoneering is already getting me down, but at least they will inevitably choke. We have to pray that they do not win the World Series, though. Not because then Chicago's unreasonable obsession with the Cubs will make the Sox win into nothing, but because instead it signals the coming of the apocolypse.

HopefulLSW said...

The apocalypse? I think you just might be on to something. Good thing the Cubs don't stand a chance- even their fans don't want to make any World Series proclamations.