Saturday, November 03, 2007

Interesting dreams from the last few months

*It is late at night. Michael Myers (the killer in the Halloween movies which I have never seen making this even more random) has kidnapped me. But he doesn't know it's me because I am an undercover agent. I am brilliantly disguised as a dog. Not someone in a dog suit, I look like a real dog. There were a few other agents similarly disguised but Michael did not capture them; he might have killed some of them, I wasn't too sure. We were mixed in with real dogs so he kidnapped some of the real dogs too. He doesn't know that I'm an agent. He is driving me and the real dogs in a van. The drivers seat is on the right side of the car (are we in Ireland?) and he is holding on to my hand/paw as I am laying down on the passenger seat. I just keep telling myself to be very still and pretend to be asleep. Meanwhile I am trying to figure out where he is taking us and how we can escape. I'm not scared but when I woke up I was pretty unsettled.
*I am Hugh Hefner's 4th girlfriend. We are traveling through Europe and are at one of the stops, walking up a lane to a fancy castle. Holly, Bridget, and Kendra are still his girlfriends and we are still taping episodes of their reality show "The Girls Next Door." Apparently as Hugh's latest girlfriend, I don't have to sleep with him but I get all the other perks of having a sugar daddy. This does not sound like a bad deal at all!
*It's interpretative dance time. I am leading some other people through an interpretative dance but this dance has purpose. Through our dance moves we are showing someone how to break out of a lifesize eggshell. I'm not sure if this guy is trapped or not but it seems important to show him how to get out while having fun at the same time.
*There are a bunch of us traveling together. I think we're in college and it's part of some traveling performance so naturally there is a long bus ride involved. I am struggling through a hotel/dorm with my suitcase and weekender tote and I can't remember what room I'm staying in and Jill won't answer her phone to tell me what the number is. Luckily I run into some other friends and they know where the room is. When I get in the room, Jill realizes her phone was on silent. Then it seems like we're there for a college reunion and the fact that Jill and I didn't go to the same college doesn't seem to matter.
*While I am wandering through a chic kitschy kind of shopin Geneva which I appear to own, I am given the inspiration to write a children's book. Since I've been considering writing for some time, when I woke up I wondered if this was divine inspiration and promptly did nothing about it.
*My roommate's boyfriend told me he was going to kill me but I wasn't worried. I knew that I could outsmart any plan he would come up with. My only reaction was, "Oh, crap! How am I going to tell Donna this?"


the Gat said...

fun with dreams. hope you're doing well.

the dreamer said...

hahaha. I'm so proud. Sorry my phone was on silent. I do tend to have a quiet ringer, in real life.

derfman said...

heh, i recently had some strange dreams as well... maybe it is the change of seasons