Sunday, November 25, 2007


First Thanksgiving without Grandma. In a word: bittersweet. Grandma was the ultimate hostess that I could not conceive of a holiday function without her. I think it helped that my parents hosted it at their house. I went over early in the morning to help cook and clean, good daughter that I am. I also didn't want my mom to be alone while she was getting everything ready. Yes, my dad and brother were in the house but there are some things they just don't understand. All my aunts, uncles, and cousins made it- close to on time even. My mom prayed for us and then my Grandpa spoke before the meal. Very few eyes remained dry. I think Grandma would have been proud to see us gathering together. Somehow we keep moving forward. It was good to take time to focus on the blessings in our lives. God is still faithful, loving, and true. Life may be different but He never changes. There are still many things I am thankful for, including this very holiday. The food was amazing! The conversation never ceased (partially because my family is full of talkers. Shocker.) Two year old Kelli kept us all entertained and we even played team Scrabble. All in all, a success.

The next night my family put up the Christmas decorations at my parents' house. I put up the Nativity scene as usual. My mom and I did most of the work, also as usual. After the tree was finished we gathered around with mugs of eggnog to discuss the coming season and what our hopes and prayers are. I hope these traditions continue in the years to come. Is it really Christmas without eggnog? I don't think so.

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