Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Referee Leigh

I'm not a big college football fan but I enjoy the occasional game and rooting for a team for no particular reason. I'm not sure where I fall on the Michigan vs. Ohio debate but most likely, I would root for whichever team had the least fans where I happen to be. Illinois gets my devotion because, hey, I live in Illinois. And when Illinois is playing, I am my ever loyal self. I was watching the Rose Bowl yesterday with Jill and Kat when USC made an alleged touchdown in the second half. The USC player lightly tapped on the line and apparently the Rose Bowl ref thought this qualified as a touchdown. Silly, silly ref. That's not how it goes in my world. Kat and Jill suggested I give them a call and educate them. I realize this one touchdown would not have helped Illinois win but it would have helped them to lose less and I cannot underestimate the importance of that detail. My take on this particular play made me think about what I would be like as an umpire for the White Sox. Can you even imagine my pure joy? The opposing players wouldn't even have a chance! I realize this may not be entirely fair but I sure would enjoy the power trip. And I think the Sox would enjoy the favoritism I bestow. An eagle eye for the opposition and a blind eye towards my team. Beautiful.

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