Saturday, February 09, 2008

It's not quite a love letter but it's still from Barack!

Leigh --
You did it.

Not just on Tuesday, but every day for a year, you did what the cynics said we couldn't do.
You said the time has come to get beyond the same old tactics that divide and distract us, and you gave people -- young and old, rich and poor, black, white, Latino, and Asian -- a reason to believe again.

I'm proud of the work we've done together here in my home state, and because of you, we won 101 out of Illinois' 153 delegates -- our single biggest delegate gain on the most important day of this campaign.

And the momentum you created won't stop now. Together we're building a campaign that will compete in the general election -- and a united Democratic Party that can lead this country for the next generation.

You've set an amazing standard and provided a huge boost as we gear up for the next round of contests. Thanks to you, we have a new wind at our backs, and we're ready to carry our message across the nation.

It's the same message we took from the Old State Capitol in Springfield to Iowa and South Carolina and 22 states on February 5th -- the same message we had when we were up and when we were down -- that out of many, we are one.

And if we are met with cynicism and doubt and folks who tell us that we can't, we will respond with those three simple words that sum up the spirit of this nation:
Yes, we can.

Thank you for all of your hard work,


derfman said...

You do realize that is part of his stump speech?

HopefulLSW said...

I know and I love it!