Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Saga Continues

This morning I visited Bernie and Mary, my matchmaking family. I had no sooner sat down than Mary made the comment, "So you found out there were restrictions." I filled her in on my meeting with the Ethics Committee. I tried to frame it in such a way so that she knew that this was also my choice not to blend my personal and professional worlds. Mary was still a little bummed and pointed out how our families knew each other. However, I only know Bernie and Mary because Bernie is my hospice patient so it's still not a loophole. Apparently I made a big impression with Tom though. Mary told me that he's willing to wait, which is very unlike him. Chivalrous, eh? I told Mary that I liked her and Bernie too much so I'm hoping he sticks around for quite a while longer. I'm certainly not putting my dating life before my patient's life! I can't blame Mary for rooting for me to get together with her grandson in the end. It's misguided but sweet.


Rick said...

O.K. Leigh, you are a wonderful girl that is worthy to have somebody wait for them. But, from a man's perspective, if a guy who just met a girl is willing to wait, possibly for a long time, then he has some issues. Whether it is self-esteem or craziness it is not good.

HopefulLSW said...

That is totally what I was thinking! It smells strangely of desperation and I'm not in line for any more crazy. Still, I can't really say any of that to his family!