Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Domestic Bliss

I have been cooking up a storm lately. I always tell everyone that cooking is a great stress reliever for me. Given that I took mental health days on Friday and yesterday, it makes sense but I didn't plan on cooking as much as I did. Last Monday was the innaugural night of the new Dinner Club I started. This dinner club is for single girls, mostly from church. My old dinner club seems to have faded away with everyone either married, moving, or too busy so I'm excited about this new group of savvy sophisticates. I haven't figured out what to call the meal I served but it is one of my favorite creations- kind of like pasta fagiole without any broth. Delicious! The meal was a hit. The only hitch to the night occured when I sliced my finger while slicing bread. Not pretty but actually it was the first time I've ever cut myself while cooking. Turns out that is quite the accomplishment based on how many kitchen knife incidents I have since heard about from friends.

After Dinner Club I took a break from cooking until Saturday. I served up Irish breakfast at Mark and Erin's house for 9 friends. Then we headed down to the city for the St. Patrick's Day parade. I love being downtown for the SPD experience but I've decided I no longer need to watch the parade. We can just head straight to the pub for some hillarious and yet insightful conversations with drunk people. Sunday night I made Beef Stew- the last stew of winter. I invited a few friends to join me spontaneously and we ended up talking late in to the night. Ellen told me she is going to move in and just let me feed her from now on- she was happy to have been a part of Dinner Club, Irish breakfast, and then the stew dinner. I'm just happy that people like what I make!

Last night I had my parents over for Reuben sandwiches in honor of my favorite holiday. Donna was able to join us. It's the first time I've made Reubens by myself and now I have no idea what to do with the extra sauerkraut. Any ideas out there? I can safely say I'll be eating leftovers the rest of this week but who knows what I'll be cooking next...

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