Saturday, March 01, 2008

Emily is my favorite cousin!

I am a longtime fan of the TLC show "Miami Ink." My cousin Emily has been working with Chris Nunez, incidentally my favorite tattoo artist on the show (it's an added bonus that he's rather attractive), creating commercials for AT&T. I'm so proud of Em and also a little jealous! Just a few days ago I saw the first commercial and then today I got this wonderful email from Emily.
Hey Sweetie!
Just got back from Miami (shot another AT&T spot)
and I told Chris Nunez of Miami Ink (he threw us a little shin dig at his bar)
that you (my fav cuz) were a big fan and that u said "hi!" --
He said, "Her name's Leigh? Tell her I said 'What's up!'" :)
I said, "I'll try to remember to pass it along" :)
More soon! Running out the door for work!!
your cuz,
OK, I know that Chris will never remember my name again, but still! For that moment, he did. I've been wanting to get my next tattoo for the past couple of years but my friend Dani is holding part of the design hostage. She went to Thailand about a year after I did and I asked her to have the word "faith" translated, which she did and now 2 1/2 years later she still hasn't given it to me. I will renew my efforts. I would love to go on Miami Ink or LA Ink because the artists are phenomenal and a tv show is about the only way I will ever have access to them. Plus, I think I'd be great on tv! Either way, it's time to get inked.

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