Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pancakes and Ice Cream = A Fond Farewell

Jen and Jason are moving to Nashville this weekend- exciting for them, sad for us. Last night Jen and I returned to one of our favorite places...Colonial Cafe. If you live in the suburbs, chances are good you've seen one of their "I ate a Colonial Kitchen Sink" bumper stickers. That's 6 scoops of ice cream, 2 bananas, and a ton of toppings. And I've eaten it twice! Jill was also able to join us for dessert. The parking lot was packed when we arrived, which was puzzling. No one was on spring break but there seemed to be highschoolers everywhere. It turns out the Naperville branch was celebrating their 25th anniversary by offering pancakes for a penny. Naturally we each had a pancake to commemorate the occasion and then we dove into our delicious ice cream treats. I went a little crazy with a Super Sunday- 5 scoops of my favorite: Peanut Butter Chocolate. It was amazing and well worth the hour long wait. I know I'll still see Jen and Jason plenty these next few months while they come home for weddings and finalize selling their home but it was still nice to spend some good quality time at a local place we both love. The fact that Jill could join us? The true icing on the cake- or should that be syrup on the pancake?

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Anonymous said...

hahaha. haha.

I told Jen it was a weird but awesome night--fitting for her last night with us.