Saturday, March 08, 2008

Say it ain't so!

Today's Chicago Tribune led with this harbinger of doom: "Cubs may share 'Cell' with the Sox." Apparently if the Cubs begin their $250 million renovation of Wrigley, they would play part of the season on the South Side. The mere idea sends a chill through my heart. I don't want The Cell to be tainted by the Cubs and I don't understand how they can even conceive of this idea. Cubs merchandise being sold at US Cellular? Fans rooting for the Cubs in our park outside of interleage play? The horror! I can't even imagine what this will do to our rivalry. I'm guessing that Cubs fans would not be thrilled by this move either. How would this affect game attendance? How do they feel about tweaking their beloved Wrigley? Frankly I have no problem with a Wrigley overhaul. I'm not impressed by the tradition of a dirty stadium. (In fact, I wonder if Cubs fans would even notice that no one is actually playing there, so long as they still have their beer. It's not called the Biggest Bar in America for nothing.) I don't want the Cubs to leave the imprint of their "lovable loserness" on our field. And I don't want our schedule to be adjusted for a team that has hogged a spotlight they've never earned. Crane Kenney must be taking crazy pills...I hope the madness doesn't extend to Jerry Reinsdorf next.

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