Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy birthday Grandma

Tomorrow would be Grandma's 79th birthday. She was in the hospital last year at this time. Mom had to read her birthday cards to her and she did not have enough appetite to even think about birthday cake. The next day she was diagnosed with cancer. I know I've said it many times but it still seems to surreal. Grandpa is having a bunch of family and friends over tomorrow night in honor of Grandma's special day. He is slowly recovering from his surgery and will probably back to 100% just in time for the next surgery.

Today I learned that a friend's 2 year old daughter has leukemia. She has the most common and most curable form and it seems like they have a good plan of attack. My heart goes out to them.

It seems like it's been just one bad thing after another lately. As I drove home from work, I reflected on God's faithfulness. We live in a fallen world and these circumstances reflect that brokenness. God knows the big picture though and He is able to use all things for good (Rom. 8:28). This is comforting to remember. I may not understand why these things happen and I may never know why but God has it all under control. May it be so.

Monday, April 21, 2008

My twin?

I've already gushed about the movie "Once" so you can imagine how excited I was when a few friends agreed to see it for the first time last night. Of course, they loved it! One small reason why? They believe Marketa Irglova is my twin or that I am indeed the real Marketa and I have been hiding my burgeoning relationship with Glen Hansard and musical prowess from them all. I can't say that I really see the resemblance but I'll let you decide...
(My apologies for not having a better picture of Marketa/me to compare.)

A sidenote to the geese outside my bedroom window at 6 am this morning: I hate you.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I finally got to talk to Tracy this afternoon for a few minutes. I didn't expect her to answer the phone but it was good to hear her voice. She was hoping to be discharged from the hospital this afternoon. Unfortunately it looks like she has a bit of a recovery ahead while she heals from the incision. I told her that Erin and I are coming to visit her no matter what- she just gets to let us know when that will be. Sometimes you have to go with the tough love approach with those who consistently put everyone else first above themselves. Tracy is a prime example of that.

Yesterday was a strange juxtaposition. I went to a college friend's baby shower and a high school friend's memorial service.

Really wish I did not have to go back to work tomorrow. I definitely need a vacation. I can't decide if I just need a break or if it's time to look in to something new.

Friday, April 18, 2008

More news

I got a phone call early this morning from my best friend's husband that she had to have emergency surgery last night as her fallopian tube had burst from an ectopic pregnancy. He reassured me that she is doing OK but I hate not being able to be there for her. I told him that I'll come down the minute they say go. I was hit really hard with this news and maybe in some ways I overreacted but it's hard hearing that your best friend almost died. I ended up taking the day off of work. It's moments like these that I am convinced that I should move to Nashville after all. But then I think about my own family and struggle with the idea of leaving them.

Grandpa met with his surgeon yesterday and got the good news that they got all the cancer. He'll find out next week if he needs any radiation and the week after that they will schedule his second surgery. That's all positive news!

In other good news, Brooke got us tickets to see Death Cab at Jay Pritzker Pavillion in June. The lawn seats were just $12.50. Sweet!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Testing, testing

I'm finally going to take my LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) test. I was eligible late last summer but decided to delay taking it after everything my family had been through. Then I had to renew my license in November anyway so I thought I'd take my sweet time before I plunked down more money. I looked over the study guide the other night and it seems doable. Of course once I've taken the 170 question test, I might be singing a different tune! Hope I'm ready to immerse myself in the DSM-IV, clinical practice theories, ethics, and relationship principles!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Week in review

Last week was insanely busy. The good stuff: White Sox Home Opener (the first Crede grand slam of the season), Patch Adams seminar for my work's 50th anniversary (if you ever get a chance to see him- you must!), plenty of fun times with friends.

The not-so-good stuff: Grandpa P. had surgery on Wednesday to remove a malignant mass (the MDs think they got it all and the cancer has not metastecized!), Friday was the one year anniversary of Aunt Teresa's death, learning that 2 high school classmates died.

Who knows what will come next?

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Sox season

Monday is the Sox Home Opener and I can't wait! This week has confirmed that it is going to be an interesting season, full of highs and lows (although I'm opening nothing as low as last season.) It'll be fun to reunite with all my Sox buddies for my 9th consecutive home opener. A few of the regulars won't be there this year but I can't be too bummed because Jill is going to join us due to a last-minute extra ticket. There is nothing like the magic and promise of Opening Day. Spring is finally here!