Monday, April 21, 2008

My twin?

I've already gushed about the movie "Once" so you can imagine how excited I was when a few friends agreed to see it for the first time last night. Of course, they loved it! One small reason why? They believe Marketa Irglova is my twin or that I am indeed the real Marketa and I have been hiding my burgeoning relationship with Glen Hansard and musical prowess from them all. I can't say that I really see the resemblance but I'll let you decide...
(My apologies for not having a better picture of Marketa/me to compare.)

A sidenote to the geese outside my bedroom window at 6 am this morning: I hate you.


the todd said...

I can see it...but not sure I'd say you're twins. Cousins, maybe?

David said...

I can see it Leigh! Say hi to Glenn for me.