Sunday, April 20, 2008


I finally got to talk to Tracy this afternoon for a few minutes. I didn't expect her to answer the phone but it was good to hear her voice. She was hoping to be discharged from the hospital this afternoon. Unfortunately it looks like she has a bit of a recovery ahead while she heals from the incision. I told her that Erin and I are coming to visit her no matter what- she just gets to let us know when that will be. Sometimes you have to go with the tough love approach with those who consistently put everyone else first above themselves. Tracy is a prime example of that.

Yesterday was a strange juxtaposition. I went to a college friend's baby shower and a high school friend's memorial service.

Really wish I did not have to go back to work tomorrow. I definitely need a vacation. I can't decide if I just need a break or if it's time to look in to something new.

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