Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I have a 46 year old cancer patient now and today I started working with his 5 year old daughter Emily. She is so precious! At some point I will also start working with his 2 year old son. Emily and I got along famously this afternoon. We played ball, had a serious talk about what was happening with her dad, and then we did art therapy. I asked Emily to draw a picture for her dad. Her interpretation of what she drew: "Daddy is in the tomb but there is no lid on it. And he has a blanket (it was pink and orange). Jesus is healing Daddy, he is pouring down his love on him." There are some theologically deep things going on this picture! I'm pretty sure Emily didn't understand all that she was drawing and saying- the magic of art therapy- but she knows that her dad is dying and that this is going to be hard. As sad as these circumstances are, it's good to be working with kids again, knowing that I can help them through this difficulty. Emily wanted me to stay there forever but eventually agreed that I could leave and come back next week. Or, as she said, "you can come back whenever you want." You have to love open invitations!

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